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Just ToDo it!

25 Jan 2017 »

While working on this project I was an amazing learning experience for me, although it took me way too long to get through it but I learned a boat load of new things, and some aha! moments.

Here is a partial list of what I learned:

1) validates_format_of

I was showing off my almost finished app to a friend, and while he went through the process of creating a user he entered random text in the email field and it let him create an account, so that got me thinking, is there a way to validate the email format? guess what!? there is!! (thanks StackOverFlow) here is what the code looks like:

validates_format_of :email, :with => /\A[^@\s]+@([^@\s]+\.)+[^@\s]+\z/

validates_format_of takes an atrribute name, like :email and :with lets you user Regex to match it. I know about validates_presence_of but what I didn’t know was that there is a way to check for email format, pretty cool stuff.

2) Show rack-flash error message if email format is wrong

Now that I was able to validate the email format, I wanted to show a an error massage if a user entered a invalid email, so I added it to the user
post controller using the user.authenticate method, like this:

flash[:notice] = "Invalid Email!" if !user.authenticate(params[:email])
redirect to '/sign_up'

# 3) has_many :through

I was trying to create a /tasks route where a user can view all their tasks from all their different lists, but the way I had the data structure set up, a User has many Lists, and Lists have many tasks, so I wanted to create a variable @tasks where its equal to current_user.tasks and I’m thinking, oh no, now I have to redo the database and add a user_id to Tasks, and then I had the aha! moment, and I finally understood the use of has_many :through, the magic of ActiveRecord creates this association, like this has_many :tasks, through: :lists and this lets me use current_user.tasks


check out this app on GitHub and leave a comment below